Rhythm and Rye at The Bourbon Bar on January 23rd

DJ Shawty SlimSince 2009, Shawty Slim has been known as one of our more fearless DJ’s in Macon. At his events, he plays what he wants when he wants but somehow the vibe of the party is never compromised. He’s collaborated with Roasted Cafe and put on a few “Over Do” Day parties with almost every active DJ in town. On wax, he has shown his versatility through countless projects like the “Can You Feel It” mixtape series and his weekly “Tuxedo Park” episodes. He even released a Hip-Hop song that he produced and rapped on called “To The Top”. On his birthday (Jan 15th) he released his first house EP titled “One A Days”. The EP started out as a challenge to create a new track everyday and it quickly turned into a consistent groove that embodies what house music is about. For those that don’t know, the origins of House music trail back to parties in Chicago in the 80’s. The popularity of the music from these parties soon spread across major cities in the US. The idea was simple: play ambient dance music that was more about the relaxed vibe and losing track of time rather than the musicality.


In the process of creating this EP, the idea of “Rhythm and Rye” came up. Where could house music be played without ruining the vibe of the party? Enter one of downtown’s newest establishments: The Bourbon Bar. The House music movement was also for those who didn’t fit into mainstream society and wanted their own wave to belong to. Sticking to the roots of the movement, Slim & DSEL promotions plan to “create an atmosphere for those trying to find the voids between the Hummingbird and Tic Toc room without feeling out of place,” i.e. helping those find their own wave to belong to.

“Rhythm and Rye” will be a “no cover charge/no request” party. This means you come in for free, order one of your favorite spirits and let Shawty Slim do what he does best. The tone is being set to make this more than a “club experience”. The music will be played at a comfortable level so guests can still have a good time talking with friends and networking. Whether you’re a house aficionado or not, this event is all about an experience you can’t find anywhere else in Middle Georgia.


“Rhythm and Rye” will be on January 23rd at The Bourbon Bar in downtown Macon at 10pm.