Songcraft Presents: Dom Flemons (Carolina Chocolate Drops)

It seems that Capricorn Sound Studios is slowly coming back to life. The historic studio, once home to the South’s most diverse assembly of soul, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll groups, sat boarded up and deteriorating for decades, largely forgotten, its stories trapped between four walls.

But now it sits as the centerpiece of new development and the doors are being opened again. The once-still, dead air in the studio’s live room is being filtered by the presence of these guests, and the dust is falling off the its deep red velvet curtains.

Mercer University has just announced its ambitious Mercer Music at Capricorn project, which aims to transform the studio building into a multi-use facility that will restore the historic live and control rooms, add another larger studio, provide practice space for musicians, gather the city’s musical organizations under one roof, and tell the story of Capricorn records through an interactive interpretive area.

As the doors have opened again, there have also been a scattering of recording sessions in the building, which take advantage of the live room’s still-pristine sound.

This Friday, November 10th, the studio will be filled with music again as SongCraft Presents will shoot an episode of their Emmy-nominated songwriting series in the building. The series features a diverse roster of artists who write and record a song – from concept and lyrics to arrangement and performancein the course of a day with host Ben Arthur. Producers Al Houghton and Mike Crehore then take the song and shape it into a polished studio track.

The latest episode, featuring songwriter Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, will be filmed around Macon, followed by a presentation of the new song – inspired by Macon’s own Emmett Miller – by Dom Flemons and Ben Arthur with a backing band of local musicians.

Anyone who wants an invite to the private party at Capricorn Sound Studios where the new song will be premiered can email for details. The episode is slated to air on select PBS affiliates in 2018.