Field Session: Brett Harris

There’s a time capsule just beyond the doors of 540 MLK, Jr. Blvd. in downtown Macon, Georgia. It’s not filled with dusty artifacts or dated tokens of remembrance. Rather, it’s completely empty and dead silent. The air is still, and there’s a tinge of dampness in the live room of what was once Capricorn Sound Studios. The walls, adorned with a mix of wooden shingles, acoustic tiles and deep red velvet curtains, seem to be collecting memories, saturating themselves in a one-way transaction. They’ve been subjected to darkness and silence for decades, but entering the room, it’s immediately certain that this is a space that was meant for making music.

It was a perfect setting for a performance by Brett Harris, whose melodic, personal songwriting harkens back to masters of the form in the decade that Capricorn Sound Studios was bustling with activity. For this special Field Session, he provided the walls with a few more memories, performing his songs “Up in the Air,” “Lies” and “High Times”and talking about his personal musical discovery and the importance of people gathering to listen to live music.