Field Session: Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band

Megan Jean and the Klay Family band are a travelin’ band in every sense of the word. For all intents and purposes, they live in a van most of the year. Unlike the van discussed by Matt Foley, it’s not parked down by the river. Their steel chariot carries the talented couple (and their chihuahua Arriba McEntire) all over the USA, often purposefully choosing to play smaller cities, allowing them to build a fan base that is often more appreciative of their music. As Megan Jean points out “there’s cool people in every town.” This practice of creating good music and bringing it to the people, much in the same way that the troubadours from the days of yore used to, has proven to be a successful and more rewarding practice than trying in vain to impress record executives.

The morning after they graced the stage at Fresh Produce Music Hall with locals Widow Pills, we joined the group for coffee, conversation and music, some of which is from their upcoming album. We got to listen to it. It. Is. AWESOME…and so is the clip below.